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Arduino Compatible

LabVIEW Compatible

Fully Functional Arduino

At the fraction of the Cost and Size.

ButtonDuino is TINY! At less than 18.64 mm x 18.25 mm (0.73in x 0.718in), Buttonduino is smaller than a quarter but still packs the power of the Arduino platform. It is small enough to be placed in any project. ButtonDuino is Open-Source and Arduino Compatible! Best feature is that that ButtonDuino's schematics, code and bootloaders are all FREE and Open-Source.

USB Intelligent!

Prototype on the Go.

ButtonDuino is USB Powered and Programmable! No need for those FTDI boards or addition IC's. USB programming and debugging are now integrated into the bootloader, this makes ButtonDuino cost effective, light and programmable anywhere!

Breadboard Mountable!

Prepare for a Cleaner and more Smarter Design.

No more messy wires to your breadboard like traditional Arduinos, ButtonDuino is breadboard compatible, so it plugs, with no pin conflict, directly into any standard pitch (2.54mm) breadboard as well as vero-board. This makes it cleaner and perfect for prototyping.

ButtonDuino is Stackable! Buttonduino can be stacked with any Buttonduino compatible ButtonShields (Coming Soon). Need more pins? No problem, Buttonduino can be expanded, via I2C or SPI. Need an SD card module or even wifi, then just stack it and program! Viola, no need to for hours of hardware debugging, Buttonduino gets you up and running in seconds

Tech Specs

The Button

  • USB Regulated Powered up to 800mA via external power supply or 500mA from PC/Laptop.
  • Dimensions: 18.64 mm x 18.25 mm (0.73in x 0.718in)
  • Programmable via USB or AVR mkII.
  • Arduino IDE 1.0+ (Windows/OSX/Linux)
  • Power LED
  • Test LED (Pin 1)
  • I2C and SPI Expandable
  • 3 x 8 bit Hardware PWM pins
  • 4 x 10 bit ADC pins
  • Support for LabVIEW
  • Breadboard Mountable
  • Soon to Be available in Deep RED (PCB Silkscreen)

LabView Examples

  • Temperature Sensor
  • 3 - Axis Compass
  • Force Sensitive Resistor


  • Atmel ATTINY85-20H microcontroller
  • 8k Flash Memory without bootloader ( 6k after USB bootloader)
  • 6 x Available I/O Pins and I2C and SPI Expandable

Arduino Examples

  • Temperature Sensor
  • 3 - Axis Compass
  • Blink LED
  • Serial Through HID
  • Analog Read/Write
  • Digital Read Write
  • Force Sensitive Resistor
  • RF
  • And Tons more.







Pre-Order NOW!
________Will ship in Late January 2015_______




What is ButtonDuino?
ButtonDuino is tiny computer that can be programmed to do just about anything.
How much will it cost?
After a successful campaign, ButtonDuino is expected to cost between $7 to $8.
How small is ButtonDuino?
ButtonDuino's Dimensions are (L X W) 18.64 mm x 18.25 mm (0.73in x 0.718in)


How do I get started with ButtonDuino?
We have an Instructables article which will help you get started, over at http://www.instructables.com/id/Getting-Started-with-ButtonDuino/
What do I need to get started?
All you need is a micro USB cable, the custom Arduino IDE, the ButtonDuino Driver and sparks of creativity to create those amazing projects.
Will all my Arduino libraries work with ButtonDuino?
Not all libraries, some libraries do not work on the Attiny85 because of different hardware configurations, but similar functions can be created in software i.e. soft-serial etc.
How do I use LabVIEW with ButtonDuino?
ButtonDuino supports using LabVIEW to debug and see what is happening in the device. There are example programs that come with ButtonDuino but you will require LabVIEW 2010+ to view and change the GUI.

Delivery and Shipping

When will I receive my ButtonDuino?
The shipping dates will be anywhere between July and September 2014, depending on the volume that you order. Before that time we will be doing production testing to ensure all ButtonDuinos are up to specification.
Will you accept PayPal payments?
Yes we do but only through Indiegogo for the duration of the campaign. We shall accept PayPal at a later stage, after the campaign is successful.


When will ButtonShield be available?
Some ButtonShields are already made, they just need to go through final testing and then through to production testing.
What Shields will be available soon?
They are as follows: RGB LED, Temperature sensor, 3-Axis Digital Compass, Coin Battery, Port Expander and other coming soon.
How many ButtonShield can I stack?
Theoretically you can stack up to 127 ButtonShields as long as the current drawn from the connector is less than 800mA from a power supply or 500mA from a PC or Laptop.

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